Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday Redux

Ah, Mondays.

Some Mondays start the week off fantastically bright and brilliant; others can leave something to be desired. Some Mondays are like a train moving as fast as a bullet from a gun and heading toward something impenetrable. In those cases, you need a Monday Redux.

I recommend breakfast for dinner.

When conversations don’t seem to happen clearly and nothing goes right, you’re misunderstood, misrepresented, and feeling unsupported, and clients cut out on you at the last minute due to a death in the family, and you have to fill the gap with limited time and resources...

I recommend breakfast for dinner.

When your staff is in tears because they are stressed, people have to leave an important meeting early, intentionally mean emails are flowing into your inbox before the ripe hour of 10am, and daylight savings has robbed you of a sweet hour of sleep leaving you feeling sensitive and fragile...

I recommend breakfast for dinner.

When you don’t receive the support you need and ask for, a mandatory building evacuation happens at the height of your workday due to an unidentified object that leads (unarmed) security to wonder if it’s an explosive, and it causes you to miss eating lunch between a crammed day of meetings, and all of this leaves work undone that was due an hour ago...

I recommend breakfast for dinner.

When you roll your eyes at your boss because they unknowingly made things complicated for you and added two hours of clean up work to your plate, your main office receptionist has to leave work because he’s sick, you have an hour and a half meeting with an investigator over an important personal issue, and you’re coworker that you’re also friends with hugs you and says it’s going to be okay...

I recommend breakfast for dinner.

And when the love of your life is busy with work and you have no idea how you’re going to wake up tomorrow and do the whole thing all over again, it’s important to remember that sometimes we just have shit days. And you make breakfast for dinner.

Pour the mimosas, make a ricotta scramble, sizzle the honey bacon, devour sliced strawberries in Jack'n brown sugar sauce, and butter the (gluten-free) toast.

Have breakfast again.
Hit the internal restart button.
Monday Redux.

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