Monday, April 28, 2014

On Play, Teal Nail Polish, and Nashville

I have been reading over my past posts and thought one very specific thing: Umm... How about you lighten up a bit, Debbie Downer? (Also, post more. Note to self.)

Yes, life has thrown me some curve balls and some seasons have been tremendously rough. However, there is an abundance of beauty happening every second of every day if I look for it. If I want to see it. I am just at the brink of starting to learn how to approach life with a childlike sense of awe, wonder, fascination. Open eyed, open hearted.

The universe has a funny way of letting me know I’m on course with this stuff. For example, I wrote about how my word for 2014 is “play,” and the other day a friend had me pull an angel card (aka word of inspiration) from a bowl in her kitchen. The word is supposed to be yours, just for that day, as an inspiration and something to be mindful of.

Well, wouldn’t you know that nearly four months after New Years I pulled the word “play"?

Okay, Universe, I get it, I get it! Be open, be present, be grateful. That's the key.

The magic of life is right there, finding me in quite moments or in the midst of my daily routine...

I find it in tasting the BEST mac’n cheese (gluten-free even).
I find it in adult Easter egg hunts where we act like children and laughed late into the night.
I find it in teal nail polish and girly trimmings.
I find it in taking three carloads over to Goodwill and getting rid of things that weigh me down.
I find it in holding a fragile newborn baby whose parents are my friends.
I find it in a good book, a challenging TED talk, or informative podcast.
I find it on a hike through Fryman Canyon (where, incidentally, George Clooney’s house is).
I find it in shows like the Book of Mormon with fabulously talented tap dancing gay boys (er, men).
I find it in hummingbirds outside my dining room window in the early evening.
I found it in my trip to Nashville (even though the South is not the place for me and my hair does not fare well in humid weather conditions) last week where I get to explore the city, once again, with friends I haven’t seen in ages.

When your heart resides in a humble state and takes a few minutes to get quiet, it takes in so much more life. It enjoys to greater depths, laughs at higher frequencies and finds appreciation everything. Life is oh-so-rich and begging us to see love and joy in all its unique flair. Open up. Enjoy it all.

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